The Golfstarz Way

The comprehensive step by step syllabus has been carefully put together to cover all aspects of golf. Through creative learning that activates the imagination it let’s the kids join the dots.

Using Cartoons and Teaching Aids to Create Interest

Children love cartoons. By using age related teaching aids, colours and cartoons each session allows golf education through fun. What Billy Bunker tells them on ‘how to avoid the crocodiles’ stays with them for life.

Creating a Great Foundation

The Golfstarz assessment process ensures that the child can only progress if they get the golf basics right. More advanced sports science techniques are used in the later sessions.

A Few Simple Points in Each Lesson

Golf is complicated even for the best of us. Rather than try and teach too much, too quickly, the Golfstarz Way tackles one golf skill per session using a 'a key things to remember' approach.

The Sessions

Beginner Sessions (each age group)
  1. How to hold the club with ‘Gary Grip’
  2. How to Aim with ‘Archie Aim’.
  3. How to Stand with ‘Sargent Major Stance’.
  4. Feeling balanced with ‘Polly Posture’.
  5. Chip away with ‘Chip n Run’.
  6. Putting the ball in the hole with ‘P J Putt’.
Mini Starz (3 to 5 year olds) – Golf education through fun – 45 minutes each.
  1. Pitch it high and let it fly with ‘Wally Wedge’
  2. Driving it long with ‘Tommy Tee’
  3. Sandy Bunkers with ‘Billy Bunker’
  4. How to play irons with 'Issy Iron’
  5. Playing Hybrids and Fairway woods with ‘Franky Fairway’
  6. Course Walkabout and Certification.
Little Starz (6 to 7 years olds) – Swing and Game development- 60 minutes each.
  1. Grip, Aim, Posture with all clubs
  2. Finding your tick and tock
  3. Chip and Run Certification
  4. Pitching Wedge Certification
  5. Iron Shot Certification
  6. Driving Certification
  7. Putting Certification
  8. Assessment and Mini Rules / Etiquette Test
  9. Course Walkabout and Certification.
Big Starz (8 to 11 year olds) – Player development – 75 minutes each.
  1. Productive Practise Routines
  2. Scoring Assessments and Etiquette and Rules Workshop
  3. Playing shots from difficult lies, in windy conditions, rain and slopes
  4. Productive Practise Routines – short game
  5. Scoring Assessments and Etiquette and Rules Workshop
  6. Productive Practise Routines – putting and Rules and etiquette test part 1
  7. Productive Practise Routines – long game and Rules and etiquette test part 2
  8. Scoring Assessments and learn ready to play golf.
  9. 3 Hole Competition and Big Starz Certification Awards.
Elite Golfstarz Academy and the European Junior Golf Tour (8+ year olds)
  1. Tailored programme for each individual
  2. Golf fitness and nutrition
  3. Sports science application
  4. Access to junior tournaments for elite players.