Why GolfStarz

For the younger age groups the cartoons and methodology are ideal for keeping kids engaged.  As children get older the sessions adapt to give them more time on a golf course. All courses meet the guidelines for the national school sports curriculum.

Nature or Nurture

Golfstarz is obsessed with getting the fundamental golf skills taught correctly. So whether your child is the next Tiger Woods or not they will have the best start in golf.

  • Learning the game with the correct equipment for their age and strength
  • Working through the syllabus one step at a time.
  • Appropriate class placement based on your child's ability and experience.
  • Assessments to monitor progress.
  • Introduction to the golf course
  • Introduction to the rules and etiquette of golf.

Why Nothing Else Compares

It's not only 42 years worth of knowledge and experience that has gone into creating the Golfstarz Way it is also about a set of beliefs, that the fundamental golf skills are taught properly from day 1. If you see poor technique being tolerated because the children are too young or disengaged then make sure they are informed about the Golfstarz Way or contact us. For the sake of their golf development!